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About Text Twist 2

Word games as well as other educational games are always popular among people who would like to become smarter or test their knowledge. In the game which is called Text Twist you can easily check your word-making skills and prove everyone that you are a smart person. Let me mention, that the first edition of the game was released almost 10 years ago became probably the most popular game in the word games category. Today, with the release of the Text Twist 2 we can definitely say that this game is the best educational game which you can find online.

How To Play Text Twist 2?

When you open the game, you will see a game mode selection menu - you can play either Timed mode or Unlimited. In the Timed mode you will have limited period of time to find all word combinations which are hidden on the board. The number of letters for each match is different but most players say that the more letters you get - the more words you can make. Every time you make up a new word, you must press Enter. If your word is right, it will appear on the top of the board. The longer your word is the more points you will get. Keep in mind when you are playing Timed mode, each correct word adds some time to your match so try making small words and move to the biigger ones. Even though that guessing all words is almost impossible, you can challenge yourself for getting as much points as you can.


Sometimes, our brain can become acting better if we just change the place of the letters. You can easily do this action if you click the Twist button. The letters will change their places and you can try to make up a new word. The number of tries for Twist button is unlimited so you can use it when you are stuck. Sometimes it helps me a lot when I just start making up the words in random order but sometimes I really hate this game because it makes me look stupid. Anyway, this is just a game which can help you even if you fail - at the end of the match you will see all words which can be made up using the letters given so this is a good chance to enrich your vocabulary and use the words next time. The game is available at our website online or you can download the free app from google play to enjoy it on your smartphone. Have fun and become smarter!

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